Apply For A Certificate Of Origin

The Trade Board Limited (TBL) is the designated authority to certify products which comply with the Rules of Origin of a given preferential trade scheme. This requires analyzing products and verifying their working processes to ensure they conform to the prescribed criteria of each trade scheme. The issuing of a Certificate of Origin permits the qualifying product to be granted duty concession, i.e. duty-free or reduction of duty.

*Please note that the Certificate of Origin for the export of services is obtained from the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC).

Products are certified under the following trade schemes:

  • Caribbean Common Market (CARICOM)
  • CARICOM/Venezuela Trade & Investment Agreement
  • CARICOM/Colombia Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Dominican Republic Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Costa Rica Trade Agreement
  • CARICOM/Cuba Trade Agreement
  • Caribbean Basin Initiative (CBI)/Caribbean Basin Trade Partnership Act (CBTPA)
  • Caribbean-Canada Trade Agreement (CARIBCAN)
  • Generalized System of Preferences (GSP).

The Qualifying Criteria are as follows:

  1. Goods to be exported must be analyzed by TBL to determine qualification for duty-free entry. Exporters are required to complete a Product Analysis Form for each product to determine its origin criterion. Forms and instructions for their completion can be downloaded from the TBL website
  2. Completed Product Analysis Forms should be returned to the TBL accompanied by the relevant supporting documentary evidence e.g. C78, Commercial Invoice, to verify the cost, origin, and type of raw materials. In completing the Forms, applicants must:
  • Ensure that the correct HS Codes are used for materials/components which constitute inputs
  • Note the country of origin for supplier/manufacturer to see what goods are originating/non-originating based on Riles of Origin – RoO (traceability of raw materials)  
  • Note quantity and unit cost; Product Analysis Form should be completed using quantities as per the batch/case
  • Ensure that the correct HS Codes are used for finished/manufactured products to ensure qualification; the RoO criteria for the specific trade agreement(s) are checked against the HS Codes for the finished/manufactured product
  1. A Certifying Officer from the TBL will visit the production facility to verify the analysis/information submitted, so as to ensure conformity with the outlined production process.

  2. Following the site visit by TBL to determine whether or not the product(s) qualify based on the information submitted and the production site visited, exporters are then advised in writing whether or not the product qualifies for preferential treatment, under which agreement(s), and the origin criteria if applicable.
  3. Application for a Certificate of Origin is permitted only if the required Product Analysis and approval have been done. This refers particularly to all manufactured products, including processed foods.  For agricultural products, i.e., fresh produce, horticultural products, and local craft items, a certificate may be validated if the TBL Certifying Officer is satisfied that the products are of Jamaican origin.

  4. For textile products to be exported, the JN2/JN3 Certificate is issued only to a registered manufacturer in accordance with the Trade (Certificate of Jamaican Origin) (Amendment) Regulations 2004.
  5. A Textile Certificate or a Certificate of Origin may be issued to a registered exporter even if that exporter is not the manufacturer of the product to be exported, provided that the exporter presents written authority from the relevant manufacturer (whose product has already been approved by TBL for preferential export.
  • If a Certificate of Origin is returned to TBL for correction, it is to be canceled and replaced with a revised Certificate of Origin.  This means that a new Certificate of Origin has to be completed by the exporter
  • Where a Certificate of Origin is reported lost, a new Certificate of Origin must be completed by the exporter. The TBL will insert in the column marked “For Official Use”, “Issued in lieu of certificate validated …. (Date)”
  1. Exporters will be required to submit for validation, the following documents in order to claim duty-free or preferential treatment under the various Trade Schemes:
  • A set (5) copies of: CARICOM; CARICOM/Venezuela; CARICOM/Colombia; CARICOM/Dominican Republic; CARICOM/Cuba and; CARICOM/Costa Rica
  • Set (original & 3 copies) of: CBI, CARIBCAN and GSP Certificate of Origin (Form A)
  • Five (5) copies of Commercial Invoice

Exports of CMT Textile & Textile Products to Countries other than Canada

  • Five (5) copies of Certificate of Jamaican Origin – JN2
  • Five (5) copies of Commercial Invoice.

Exports of textile products for which Jamaican origin is not being claimed

  • Five (5) copies of Certificate of Exemption – JN3
  • Five (5) copies of Commercial Invoice.
  1. Certificates of Origin should be properly completed upon submission to include:
  • Exporter/seller name and TRN number  
  • Consignee name and address
  • Means of transport/Port of Lading
  • Country of Origin/Country of Origin of Goods
  • Country of Destination/Country of Final Destination
  • Description of Goods
  • Quantity (applicable Unit of Measure)
  • Origin Criteria (CARICOM, GSP, CBI, CARIBCAN, CARICOM/Venezuela,

CARICOM/Colombia, CARICOM/Dominican Republic, CARICOM/Costa Rica & CARICOM/Cuba)

    • Textile certificates: Boxes 8-10, 12, 14-19, 19a & 19b, 22 (to ensure that the relevant declaration by exporter is applicable)
    • Declaration by Exporter (relevant declaration if applicable).

Note that documents with correction fluid will not be accepted.  All corrections must be crossed out and initialed.

The TBL emphasizes that to claim duty-free treatment under the various trade schemes, you will require:

  • Certificate of Origin
  • Commercial Invoice   

Be reminded that applicants should be registered with JAMPRO as exporters. If applicants are not registered, they should visit JAMPRO to complete the registration process

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