Trade Board Limited

The Trade Board Limited is a regulatory agency of the Government under the auspices of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce, Agriculture and Fisheries (MICAF) headed by the Trade Administrator who operates under the legal authority of the Trade Act. The agency serves as Jamaica’s certifying authority for goods exported under the various trade agreements.

Ministry of Tourism (MOT)

The Ministry of Tourism is responsible for the management and promotion of Jamaica’s tourism product. Its mission is grounded in creating unique tourism experiences that will transform Jamaica’s landscape, the talents of its people and vibrant culture into opportunities for a better Jamaica.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade (MFAFT)

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Foreign Trade is responsible for the implementation of Jamaica’s foreign policy, the management of Jamaica’s international relations and the promotion of its interests overseas. The consular activities of the Ministry’s Service are buttressed by the support of over 80 Honorary Consuls in various cities. There are approximately 400 officers in the Foreign Service – all of whom provide direct or indirect service to Jamaica and international communities at home and abroad.

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF)

The Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries (MoAF) is tasked with the responsibility of driving the integration of the production of primary agricultural produce along all the stages of the supply chain through to value added and facilitating full commercialization of outputs of the agriculture, manufacturing, and service sectors.