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Market Research

The JMEA can provide you with a Distributor Pointer, Access Pointer or a Market Pointer. The Market Pointer provides the information listed below while the distributor pointer focuses solely on data regarding the distributors in the territory, their contact information and profile:

  • Product description, benefits to exporting and recent developments
  • Total national production in target market as well as export value and tonnage
  • Economic, demographic and financial data on the target market
  • Trade agreements signed by target market and a list of the applicable countries
  • Analysis of the product’s performance in the target market
  • Labelling and marking requirements in the target market
  • Distribution channel analysis and list of possible distributors in target market
  • Export promotion opportunities in target market
  • List of competing companies that export the same product and alternatives to the target market
  • Price point comparison of competing products
  • Duties and taxes payable, documents required, and non-tariff barriers applied by the target market
  • Any additional information as requested

The Market Pointer is priced at $40,000 plus GCT, while the Distributor Pointer is priced at $20,000 plus GCT and the Access Pointer is priced at $15,000 plus G.C.T.

Reports and Analysis

Jamaica’s Exports Statistics – January to December 2020 – Exports decline by 26.4 per cent


Jamaica’s total exports for 2020 were valued at US$1,218.7 million. Relative to 2019, earnings from total exports declined by 26.4 per cent. The decline in total exports was mainly influenced by a reduction in the exports of Alumina and “Mineral Fuels” which fell by 39.8 per cent and 36.1 per cent respectively. The top five destinations for Jamaica’s exports were the USA, Canada, the Netherlands, Iceland and Russian Federation. Exports to these countries declined by 19.5 per cent to US$936.2 million, largely due to the decline in the exports of Alumina. Regional trade also fell during 2020, with exports falling to US$76.3 million, 19.0 per cent below the US$94.2 million earned in 2019. Trade with the CARICOM Region accounted for 6.3 per cent of exports during 2020.