21 Awards Won at the JMEA’s Manufacturers and Exporters (M&E) Awards Gala 2022

The Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) hosted its 5th annual Manufacturers & Exporters (M&E) Awards Gala in Association with VM Group, October 08, 2022, at the Jamaica Pegasus under the theme “Manufacturing and Exporting: Reigniting Jamaica for Greatness”. The ceremony was the first face to face Gala since 2019 due to the COVID-19 Pandemic. It was also a grand celebration of the JMEA’s 75th Anniversary.


The JMEA’s M&E Awards acknowledged and rewarded the achievements and efforts of local manufacturers and exporters and their resilience in the face of the COVID-19 Pandemic. Award winners displayed hard work, dedication and inspirational business acumen and agility over the past two years.


  • Red Stripe celebrating their win for VM JMEA Legacy Award
    Red Stripe celebrating their win for VM JMEA Legacy Award


The host for the night’s ceremony was former Miss Jamaica World and media personality, Dr. Terri-Karelle Reid, who delivered a witty and jovial performance that kept the audience engaged, dancing and chuckling with amusement in between her masterful announcements of the night’s winners. Myrna Hague, “Jamaica’s first lady of Jazz” put on a world-class performance during dinner through timeless covers, while DJ Narity set the mood with the sound of music through the awards and kept the crowd “bouncing” with hits after hits.


Nineteen awards were shared between thirteen (14) companies. The biggest winner of the night was Red Stripe, copping 4 Awards: the Vision 2030- Jamaica Award for Corporate Social Responsibility; the National Certification Body of Jamaica (NCBJ) Award for Quality and Standards, the Robert Lightbourne Award for Productivity and Competitiveness; and the JMEA-VM Group Legacy Award.


Seprod Limited walked away with two of the most coveted awards of the night: The Prime Minister’s Award for Large Champion Exporter in Manufacturing and the Governor General’s Award for Manufacturer of the Year.


Three (3) new awards were given this year two of which were awarded to individuals as opposed to companies: The Consular Corp of Jamaica Next Generation Leadership Award, which went to Mr. Charles Barrett of Jamaican Teas; the President’s Award for Director in Service, which went to a very surprised Kathryn Silvera, who has served as a JMEA Director for more than ten years and have provided tremendous support to the work of the Secretariat; and Best Digital Ad Campaign, which went to Jamaican Teas.


Additionally, Fleetwood Jamaica Limited walked away with the JPS Energy Efficiency Award and the JMEA Best New Packaging Award. The Award for Best Support Service was won by Technological Solutions Limited (TSL), while EdenJoy Whole Foods walked away with the JBDC Nicola Gordon-Rowe Buy Jamaican Award. The Peter King New Manufacturer of the Year Award went to NA Dezigns N More, while Morgan’s Creek took home the New Exporter of the Year award.


Caribbean Foods Limited won the JAMPRO Award for Champion Small Exporter for Manufacturing. The Prime Minister’s Award for Large Champion Exporter in Agriculture, Forestry & Fisheries was secured by Rainforest Caribbean. Caribbean Producers Jamaica (CPJ) copped the Paulette Rhoden Award for Medium Champion Exporter of the Year. Trade Wind Citrus won the Charles Henderson Award for Breakthrough Product of the Year. The Ray Hadeed Award for Best Micro, Small and Medium Manufacturing Enterprise went to Home Choice Enterprise Limited, and the much-coveted Governor General’s Award for Exporter of the year went to Grace Kennedy Foods, Latin America and the Caribbean.


The President of the JMEA, Mr. John Mahfood, in his welcome and opening remarks, indicated that the theme for this year’s M&E Awards, “Manufacturing and Exporting: Reigniting Jamaica for Excellence” is indicative of the importance of the productive sector and how many companies have demonstrated their resilience after weathering the impact of the COVID-19 Pandemic. He lauded the local companies who have taken up market share and expanded into other CARICOM markets, much in the same way other CARICOM members have had expanded into the Jamaican market in years prior. He reiterated the commitment of the JMEA to continue leading the way in advocacy for policies that benefit the members of the JMEA and the wider productive sector. He also noted that while Jamaica faces a tough time with a hyperinflationary market, where everyone ordinary citizens are feeling the financial burden, companies should seek to make their staff as comfortable through improved salaries and benefits.


The M & E Awards was also supported by Exclusive Sponsor, Red Stripe; Emerging Sponsor: J Wray and Nephew Limited; Niche Sponsors: Tourism Enhancement Fund (TEF)/Tourism Linkages Network (TLN); and the Jamaica Pegasus; Gold Sponsors: Jamaican Teas, Caribbean Producers (Jamaica) Ltd, Appliance Traders Limited (ATL), Proven Wealth Limited, and Lithographic Printers Limited; Silver Sponsors: Visa, Nestle Jamaica Limited, Grace Foods Latin America and Caribbean Division, EXIM Bank, TVJ & JNN (RJR Gleaner Communications Group) and Wisynco; Bronze Sponsors: Jamaica Producers Group, ARC Manufacturing Limited, Seabord Freight and Shipping Jamaica Limited, Caribbean Foods Limited, and Project 2 Project Limited. Awards Sponsors were the Jamaica Public Service Company Limited (JPS), the Jamaica Business Development Corporation (JBDC), National Certifications body of Jamaica, Vision 2030-Jamaica and JAMPRO.


For more information:


Stacey Guyah, Marketing and Public Relations Manager

Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA)

Tel: (876) 887-4133 | (876) 564-3069

Email: stacey@jmea.org

The Time Is Now for Workplace Vaccine Policies

The Time Is Now for Workplace Vaccine Policies

Jamaica is at a critical stage in the execution of the vaccination strategy. With over 500,000 doses currently available, the Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica (PSOJ) along with the Jamaica Chamber of Commerce (JCC) and the Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association (JMEA) believe that the time is now for private sector entities to establish policies that require employees to get vaccinated.

Jamaica Left Behind in Vaccination Race

With less than 10% of the population fully vaccinated almost two years into the pandemic, Jamaica is being left behind with achieving population immunity and is putting our recovery at risk. The social and economic impact will be devastating, and the ripple effects will continue for years to come.
We are firm in our position that private sector entities must ensure that we have a safe workplace where the spread of the COVID19 virus is minimised and therefore protecting the lives of customers workers and suppliers. A vaccination policy not only saves lives it reduces disruption in businesses and sustains productivity.

Private Sector Vaccination Policies

The PSOJ, JMEA, JCC, the Jamaica Employers Federation (JEF) and Jamaica Confederation of Trade Unions (JCTU) in September 2021 issued a comprehensive guideline on COVID safety measures in the workplace and the relevant legal duties of the employers and employees. The protocol recommends that employers start the process by undertaking a risk assessment to ascertain the level of risk presented in the work environment. It thereafter recommends that businesses develop vaccine policies that are suited for their respective business model and industry, noting the steps outlined in the guidelines. Special consideration may need to be given for medical or religious conditions.

The general recommendation is for employees to be taken through vaccine awareness programmes and given an opportunity to take the vaccine which is now widely available. After this period of engagement and education, the employer should reassess any risks which may still exist and ensure mitigating steps are taken — this could include requesting that a COVID test is done periodically.

Public Sector Vaccination Policy

In addition to the above recommendations, we are of the view that the national problem of the low vaccination rate requires more far-reaching measures. We would encourage and support the Govemment selectively using its powers under the DRMA to introduce incremental requirements for vaccination to protect the public, just as it has imposed other measures. A specific example would be the Govemment implementing vaccination policies and protocols in a phased manner for the public sector, similar to what has been instituted by the private sector and unions.

Utilize the Services of the PSVI

The associations would like to remind private sector companies to utilize the resources of the Private Sector Vaccine Initiative (PSVI) to get credible resources and support for their vaccination awareness programmes and to schedule vaccination for their team members.

For further information:
Jamaica Chamber of Commerce
JCCPresident@jamaicachamber.org.jm 876-922-0150

Private Sector Organisation of Jamaica

Jamaica Manufacturers and Exporters Association


The Jmea Strongly Disagrees With The Recent Decision Of The Bank Of Jamaica To Increase Deposit Interest Rates By 1 Percentage Point

KINGSTON, Jamaica: The JMEA strongly disagrees with the recent decision of the Bank of Jamaica (BOJ) to increase deposit interest rates by 1 percentage point from 0.5% to 1.5%. This decision is misguided. The BOJ has justified the increase in order to dampen further inflation expectations and to stabilize the exchange rate. However, the inflationary increases being experienced by the Country are indicative of global shortages, increased transportation cost and logistic challenges which are on going.

In addition, it has been demonstrated in the past that the devaluation of the Jamaican dollar against international currencies has more to do with foreign currency shortages and the level of confidence in the Government’s economic policies than adjustments in interest rates. In this regard, we support the move to maintain satisfactory international reserves and a stable fiscal policy. The approach of the BOJ is academic and will fail to keep either the exchange rate stable or to moderate the rate of inflation.

The increase in interest rates will debilitate our economy and further impoverish the most vulnerable in our society. A move of this nature by the Central bank will result in higher lending rates to consumers including small manufacturers and exporters affecting their ability to pay their bills and keep staff employed.

The JMEA strongly recommends that the BOJ seriously reconsider this action in the near future.


Regional Private Sector Response To St. Vincent And Grenadines Crisis



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  • Accruing data on quantities of produce grown by farmers on the Agro-Parks that are available for purchase by JMEA’s clients.
  • Establishing and executing food safety standards under which the farmers are to operate.
  • Facilitating meetings and signing of market contractual arrangements between Manufacturer/Exporter and Agro-Invest’s clients.
  • Partaking in joint activities related to developing the agricultural industry export centric workshops, marketing initiatives, trade missions, among others.